About us

  We  know you have many options to choose from when it comes to who will officiate your wedding; let me tell you a little bit about us and then you see if this is the fit you are looking for.

     My name is Aida (pronounced Ida) and my husband is Darryl; I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and years ago I imported Darryl from Michigan. A match made thanks to the magic of the internet.  After a long distance relationship he decided to sell all and move to Puerto Rico.  How hard is changing snow for sunny days?

     We believe in choosing love and working as partners in everything we do; that is one of the reasons we started doing weddings together.  I must be honest; I  enjoy it a lot and that is why I have been performing most of the weddings in the last years.  Darryl is my backup; if I cannot perform a ceremony; he is also a celebrant and we both keep our licenses current.  With this we can guarantee that you will have an Officiant available on your wedding day.  

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Why we do Weddings?

 Because we love to celebrate love! We have been guests before at weddings where the Officiant was so boring or repetitive and I felt like there was a better way to do a ceremony and that is when I started researching and reading.  We  joined the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants and continued our education to become a Wedding Officiant.  Also spent time learning all the legal aspects to officiate weddings in Puerto Rico.  There are many requirements for the couple and the officiant.  Having good standing with the Demographic Register is important if you want to continue your service here in Puerto Rico.  Our track records shows perfect recording of all weddings performed.

make their relationship perfect.  On the wedding day my favorite moment is the processional, seeing the guest all excited about the entrance and waving to capture your attention. And off course, the kiss!